demo, vol. 2


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released March 24, 2014

lindsey : vocals
dani : drums
josh : bass
dan : guitar
jesse : guitar



all rights reserved


GIRL Minneapolis, Minnesota

Buncha dorks who don't normally play hardcore getting together and hashing out some noodley jams complete with invasive guitar licks, powerful drums, and piercing vocals.

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Track Name: Bash Back
expect me to be polite when you insult my gender.
invalidate my identity, expect silent surrender.
don't you dare tell me how to feel about my oppression.
no mercy for heterosexists without question.

it's not a joke,
queers bash back

fuck gender norms,
queers bash back
Track Name: Bodies
roles defined for our bodies
rules regulate our bodies
ability judged by our bodies
taught to hate our bodies

learn to control your body

procreate with your body
work and die in your body
limited choice for some bodies
don't trust your body

how will you use your body?

shape and size of your body
color and race of your body
pieces and parts of your body
do you have the right body?

control your body
use your body
hate your body
Track Name: Misogyny
you call it my opinion, I call it reality.
why are we "outspoken," why such scrutiny?

wimyn denied resistance
we are denied existence
wimyn denied resistance
we are denied existence

no more body policing, no more slut shaming.
pitted against each other when patriarchy's to blame.

wimyn denied resistance
we are denied existence

don't bit the hand that feeds you
even if it's the hand that beats you.
Track Name: Who Is That Girl?
who is that girl?

mother, daughter, wife or martyr?

who is that girl?

bimbo or cunt? virgin or slut?